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David Maran .. is my number 1 attorney.. he is Professional, caring, honest, he looked out for my best interest as a parent and the best interest of my newborn son, Attorney Maran has gone above and beyond for my case. My case was opened in 1993 and settled in 1996 in regard to my baby boy who is now 27 years of age. My son has experienced the good life through the guidance of the Lord leading me to Attorney David Maran.. I say that because I spoke with several offices prior to Maran & Maran. Once I spoke to Attorney David Maran... I felt his heart and his sincerity through the phone.. I made an appointment ..and I have been happy and satisfied from the minute I meet him for a consultation to the very end. I have called him 20 years later and he remembers me and my son.. and we talked as if 20 years never went bye. Attorney Maran I lovvvvveeee you, for being human, down to earth, professional, caring, smart... Thank you for putting my baby boys life all together when I had nothing but tears for one year straight every day, you gave me hope. you made sure that my son would not have any financial struggles and I thank you... Thank you so very much for everything!!


My name is Zona Pinkson and I have been visiting Mr. David Maran for three years. My experiences with him have been very satisfying. He has helped me get through multiple life-changing decisions and has made problems that I thought were major very minor and easy to fix. Every time I came to Mr. Maran and needed his help, he was always so willing and open to help me the best way he could. I have never met such a wise, warm-hearted, professional lawyer that wanted the best for me.

Not only does he do his job but he also does jobs that I should go to a social worker for meaning that he goes above and beyond to help. He has an outstanding personality and I really appreciate him and all of his hard work he put into helping me in my time of need. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know.


I am recommending David E. Maran ESQ without any hesitation.

A friend recommended David E. Maran ESQ to me when I was in need of an attorney and I did not know where to turn. I am a professional myself and whoever I hire I expect to be the best. The best does not mean "expensive" it means "fair." with regard to cost. Attorney Maran put me at ease starting from our first contact. He was professional, extremely knowledgeable and patient with me when I was distressed, scared and frustrated. He always gave me as much time as it took for me to understand what I was required to do and what his plan was going to be - step by step.

He was always honest with me. He explained things in words that I could understand and not in technical legal terms which confused me and I could not understand. He is a compassionate man. He would take the time to "really listen" to me and assure me that I was not dealing with my situation alone. David Maran and his staff are professional, friendly, always helpful and most importantly responded to me in a timely manner. I am extremely pleased that I used his services. I would use his services in the future and would recommend his services to others.


David Maran went above and beyond his call of duty in representing me/my case. In his professionalism, he made me feel that it was all about me and that he understood and supported me entirely.

David Maran wouldn't accept anything other than a fair monetary agreement from the opposing counsel for me. He is fair-minded and explains everything in laymen terms to those who don't really understand the way the law operates, and or the ins and outs of your case.

David Maran is not only a friendly lawyer, he is also astute in his approach to your concerns on the telephone, in person, and in court. Needless to say, I was satisfied with the outcome of my case, and my professional dealings with David Maran, Esq. You won't be disappointed.


A couple of years back I was involved in a serious accident that required a good deal of medical intervention. A friend referred me to David Maran on the day of the accident. From day one, David has been an excellent resource to me, helping me carve a path to recovery and guiding me through every step of the legal process he was managing on my behalf.

I like a lot of information and often need it repeated and David always made time for me. He never overpromised on the value of my case. The case ended up settling in the higher part of the range I had anticipated based on my own research. Very happy with David's services and would absolutely advise others to hire him.


My interaction with David E. Maran, Personal Injury and Professional Malpractice Specialist, was a remarkable experience, which exceeded all of my expectations. I am grateful for his knowledgeable advice and caring representation.

Mr. Maran was always available to me, returned my calls promptly, and answered all my questions. From the beginning of our interaction, I was aware that he truly had my best interest at heart. His demeanor was calm, knowledgeable, and reassuring. David had remarkable insight into my personal circumstances and was able to anticipate the tenets of the adversaries.

I can't adequately express the assistance, caring, and service which I received in the capable hands of David Maran. My satisfaction with his representation, reliability, and my compensation is unqualified. I am sincerely appreciative. The services of the law firm, and of my attorney are an exceptional example of what the legal services industry ought to be.

My treatment by Mr. Maran was outstanding, and I would enthusiastically recommend Maran & Maran to anyone looking for professional and considerate legal assistance.


I have only good things to say about Mr. Maran. I feel sure that he did the best he could for me, and he did not try to overcharge. Also, he took the time to explain everything and made me feel comfortable.

A Satisfied Client

It's never fun having to hire an attorney but after meeting Attorney Maran we knew that we were in good hands and that he had our best interests in mind from day one. He and his staff worked diligently and in a professional manner to get the results we wanted. Thank you so much for all you did for us, Attorney Maran. It's truly appreciated."


Having the unfortunate experience working with and being represented by two separate pricy attorneys I was forced to try to find a THIRD attorney who would honestly look out for MY best interest. Frankly, from the initial consultation, I had a feeling of calm that I had not had with my previous attorneys.

Mr. Maran detailed what I needed to do and what his steps would be. If I called his office he made himself available.

After 33 years in the professional world, I have come into contact with numerous executive-type people including attorneys. Mr. Maran is a true credit to the legal profession. Honest, Sincere, Caring Mr. Maran both consulted me and I then hired him.


For our legal needs, we reached out to multiple attorneys in the area (through work legal plan). Finally, we came across Mr. David Maran through a referral from my legal plan at work.

The law offices of Maran and Maran has been very diligent from start to end.

Extremely attentive towards all concerning matters.

Exceptional responsiveness from all staff members along with Mr. David Maran himself.

Fair service fees.

Legal language is not something my family is great at but every step of the way, he explained everything in layman's terms which made us very comfortable, and most of all.

We felt as if we were treated with the utmost respect.

I would also add that Mr. David Maran has great referrals which he pointed us out to for other legal needs we had that were handled by other attorneys. I would highly recommend this law office to anyone that is in need of legal advice.

A Personal Injury Client

Mr. David was very helpful with his experience in fighting for our personal injury case. This was the first time my husband and I were dealing with an attorney and he was very patient with us and explained everything in detail for us. We will definitely recommend his services to anyone in need of them.

A Personal Injury Client

David E. Maran was respectful and always showed great care for his clients. Maran did not leave out a single detail and made sure that everything in terms of the case was correct and organized. I would highly recommend David E. Maran to someone in need of a Personal Injury and Professional Malpractice Specialist.

A Satisfied Client

David Maran provided our family with top-notch legal service after a life-threatening accident caused by a negligent driver. And he did so with care, concern, and compassion. Entering into the legal process can be intimidating and stressful. But Mr. Maran was there whenever we needed him, explaining the process to us, step-by-step, and providing us with more information (which often included translating legal terminology!) along the way. I really don't know what we'd have done without his guidance and expertise.


I strongly recommend Maran & Maran. David Maran took my case when no one wanted to help me. He took on this case knowing that is was complicated and willing to take on the challenges and was kind enough to help me because he cared and was expecting nothing in return.

I am a first time home owner and purchased a home not knowing any better and with out doing my due diligence trusting in my realtor and attorney to be honest and help me with this process. After the purchase I found out that the home I brought was substantially damaged and needed to be elevated. I had no money for this elevation and chances were I was about to lose my house because I had a deadline to meet to elevate before I received any violations and eventually leading to a foreclosure. I couldn't get anyone to help me. David fought for me and helped me save my house. What seemed like the impossible he did it. He saved me and my house that I worked hard to purchase for me and my kids. David is compassionate, humble and professional. He was always available to me for any questions or concerns. Thank you David for your compassion and everything you have done for me. I appreciate you and wish there were more honest people in this world.

Melissa McPherson